what does a servant do? Well he does “the next task” he does what is avaliable and ready for him to do. Those without such an attitude resist getting their hands into successful paths. Most people don’t have such attitudes because of the resistance of getting their hands messy. They never want to get involved in the messy part of working with people. They always want the polish part. But the tough stuff behind the stage? Well give that to someone else. And with the mindset that a servant is a failure, the adventure of life into success comes through so many failures and setbacks.”Failure should be our teacher not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. Its a temporary detour, not ά dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing”. However God uses our failures and setbacks to cultivate within us as servants for earthly and heavenly prosperity. This is step one into the path of success, it’s all part of the process……

When I was in Higher institution, I came to realised that the top-class students academically had nothing really special in them, they jus had a little secret which is “adding extra” efforts. Step two; Sometimes ago, Dr Ebere Good luck Jonathan, now the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in a speech said;” the difference between an ordinary person and an extraordinary one is the little or extra which the extraordinary person puts into his life which the ordinary one does not.
Down in history, we have seen men and women stand out of the crowd by just the extra they put in or done thus making them extraordinary persons.
Conversely, a little slip can make an extraordinary person become ordinary. “Higher positive achievements seem to be connected with extra. Positive actions. Successful men and women keep moving. they make mistakes, but they don’t quit”
Add a positive extra effort in your doing and you cannot be ignored by your generation!!

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