What is so spectacular about life? Well so many things are, but definitely I can’t go into them in this post, we keep discovering and passing through- so questions arise like why are we in life in the first place? And trust me I have come up with so many answers, in fact I have even contradicted my self in my research..
In this life rules are made, and rules are broken; the same adversity that causes some to break down causes others to break records. Think about it! Well problems surfaces this life today, but you can’t just change the problem because its not what happens to us, but what happens in us that makes the difference. In ά rigorous| successful life every man and woman has ά handicap, ά setback or problem that becomes an excuse……………..”BUT IF YOU EXCUSE YOURSELF, YOU ACCUSE YOURSELF”.so to move forward in this life there are principles to follow to maintain ά leveled construction and I tag it “FLY YOUR PLANE’ am sure you are wondering what he has to offer, but trust me its ά soul
In life no matter what is happening and no matter the distraction, don’t forget to fly the plane! Ralph Waldo wrote?-“Ά hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is braver five minutes longer” Hear Winston Churchill again “if you are going through Hell, keep going, Don’t Stop! There is always victory. This life more so is hell in its surface but as ά straight human you need to concentrate on your landing gear so as to make ά successful land. This is just ά short phase to inspire the wise ones because its through the pain of confronting and resolving the problems of life that we grow. Isn’t it? Ά life without trails will land you in hell because your flesh is so weak……..

There is always ά chance to make life easier;)