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One of the best schools and probably the most popular school is the school of SILENCE! I hear it left, right and centre that silence is GOLDEN! Even you hear it also. Well is silence golden? Yea it is literally and expressively; because a fool is considered wise, if he keeps silence. As humans, we have deep frustrations that makes us rage, develop our misery unnecessarily because of not studying well in the school of silence. Ά wise man said there is limit to human endurance; which goes forth to a lame man- there is a limit to break the silence code but the main task is how can we try not to break the silence code? Because of the people we have around. Lol .There are two type of silence I categorised which are:
•silence to frustrations
•silence for excellence.
To elevate and talk more on silence to frustration I must confess that we have annoying, I mean really annoying people, maybe our friends, relatives, neighbours … And this makes us kill silence and act dramatically. For scaling through this stage, you need silence and a level of understanding that could go a long way to avoid unnecessary display of character. Silence shows a level of humility geometric ally. Also note: that silence doesn’t signify you a fool or slow- Wisdom.
Silence of excellence Car lyle Thomas: “silence is the element which great things fashion themselves”. He also wrote -“when the oak is felled,the whole forest echoes with its fall, but a hundred acorns are sown in silence by an unnoticed breeze.
Silence-“the pause” its good to have ά season of silence(a pause) in most things we do in life; most people have been partackers of mishaps because they couldn’t pause for some minutes, some ideas have been stolen from some people because they can’t “PAUSE”-silence! Talking out secrets and ideas unnecessarily in this cold world! Well, I buttress by saying that practically the great things of your life will be born during your stay in your school of silence!#quiet time needed.
If you also take note the important/realistic decisions of your life are made silently! “Destiny is made of silence” act silently to elevate yourself, be silent and confident but don’t act ά FOOL.

silence doesn’t mean Foolishness..Always remember.
Happy New Week:):*