Our minds are toyed with its existence.
Our feelings hurt with its intentions.
Our hopes orchestrated with its Penetration.
Our self esteem highlitened with its appearances.
Our world an El Dorado with its promises.

It appears when you least expect it.
It confuses your whole being while you asleep.
It creeps into your conscience with faked love.
It diverts your mind from the thought of life.
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Needless to say, this is a random post tho. Advancing on my creativity and not hating on it; I have come to realise that”sparks of ideas” comes out from my blockus head as I try to think:). in your thought what does michael have to do with a sensitive post, as I said its a realisation of mine and I think sharing it would give you a little bit of information. As humans dealing with our day to day activities, we have different segments/zones we are attached to, be it for our business, leisure etc ..there are things I take note of, maybe am a little weird in my writings because you don’t read trends like this on blogs, but I assure you, this would make lot of sense as you press on.

MICHAEL- a biblical name, its a hot name. lol..yea the bible is a Hot book. As my imagination goes wider- I noticed that there is a micheal at every point, everything we see, hear, and watch- entertainment, sport, entrepreneurship…its like there is something in this name that brings out the best in people that bear the name….want to take you through a list of popularly known MICHAELS, their struggles and achievements:

He was so inspirational! I love doing the moon walk! Michael Jackson won’t live forever but his memory will!
Michael Jackson, Will Always Be The Most Famous MICHAEL Of All Time. Regardless If You Knew Him Or Not. That’s obviously besides the point here. When ever you hear.. Michael 9 times out 10 you think of the worlds greatest entertainer of all time. As the greatest entertainer all American Time/history. Talking about him hurts because whatever we say or do Isn’t going to bring him back. But at least he knows he’ll be missed. R.I.P MICHAEL JOSPEH JACKSON. YOU’RE MISSED EVERYDAY! August 29,1958- June 25,2009
The most popularly known basket baller of all time, an achiever,all respect given to him for his creative skills and inceptions, also a great entrepreneur He is known to be the only legendary sports icon

Michael Phelps, the greatest all-around competitor in the history of his sport. Every time he splashed into the water, he was determined to produce a once-in-a-lifetime performance…..all time best swimmer.

greatest F1 driver of all time! 7th time world champion winner
Michael, Even if you lose every single race, you are still the greatest driver in the History of F1.

He produced The highest grossing documentary film ever made. Over 100 million at the box office. Never been done before…

Not going too far, we can see in Nigeria our popularly known Michael Collins Ajereh born November 26, 1982, better known as Don Jazzy, is a Nigerian Multi award-winning record producer, singer-songwriter, musician, former CEO of Nigerian record label Mo’ Hits Records founded in 2004 and current CEO of the Mavin Records label which he founded in May 2012.
For us the football fanatics, we definitely know micheal owen ..Manchester United striker, who won lots of football leagues and trophies, he was an excellent English player that brought a new race to the soccer World.

To me he is sur African success, who is also a multi billionaire on forbes. Adenuga’s rise to wealth and accompanying fame is an interesting story. His resolve to succeed against all odds started when, while in America, he worked as a taxi driver and security guard to sustain himself in school. But turned out to be a billionaire.

Artist of all time..

We all know this, I really don’t want to go into his details..
My reason for this post is to bring out the imagination and self esteem in us, our names. we can build a great generation with us, and making our names a lead point for achievement and creating a lead path that follows our names..if you notice at this part of the world , every one wants to name his child michael because of what they’ve seen, heard , but the success determination, doesn’t just lie in the name, it lies in the self-esteem and individual..so make yourself useful, so you and your name would be a lead point for people success.
Also note every name is a blessing as you use yourself, this doesn’t mean you should change your name to michael or decide to give your unborn children Michael..lol……..it really just depends on you…..
Have a Fruitful week:)…..

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You can spot them in any team. They have that special ”something” that makes them distinct. ‘Thinking’ what is it? The Direction- The belief that they have, the ability to do things well or deal with situations successfully. The awareness of their own abilities! Their motive! Their present and past success ! Their ability to make things count in their own fate! In a word-CONFIDENCE.
Most people think that the great successful individuals in the world are just naturally supremely confident. People like Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, Tom Cruise etc. Many think “If only I have the confidence and self belief of them, then I’ll can be just as successful as him/her”. People believe that these successful people are naturally confident, 100% sure of themselves and do not have any doubts.
That is not true. No matter how smart, successful, talented or capable someone is, no one is absolutely free of doubt. There is the possibility success and failure in every situation. Michael Jordan has doubts, so does Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nelson Mandela and everyone else.
Confidence is also taking your present situation, what ever challenge you are facing; what ever difficulty you might be in or you have encountered; what ever chronic condition that wears you down or keeps you subjected; or whatever has smashed your dreams or what ever negative factor that has made you admit under pressure- saying : ‘I can’t do it’ , ‘I can’t cope’ has made you loose that confidence. As soon as you say those words, you are:
•contradicting the promises of Gods in your life.
•limiting yourself.
So therefore keep up to the challenge. In an ado you’ll be out of it smiling with the confidence built in you. Confidence means having the ability to stand up to any test.
There are also pressing questions asked. About two weeks ago was talking to a friend and he said he wants to be more confident like 100% confidence in everything and asked what he could do!, I smiled and told him ‘never to throw away his confidence’ he was suprised and asked HOW? I further explained by letting him know that by getting more confidence he could loose the initial beneficial confidence in him, and the confidence for evil could refrain or erupt because in certain occasions over-confidence kills.

To maintain a skilled positive confidence, do these three things:

1. Surround yourself with confidence-builders not confidence-murderers or busters: no confidence could give you ”The Charlie Browns Complex” one day lucy put her hands on her hips and said to charlie ‘ you charlie are a full-ball on the line-drive of life! You are a 5th putt on the 18th green! You are a dropped rod and a reel in the lake of fire. Have I made myself clear?? She asked. No wonder Charlie Brown struggled! Don’t let anybody wash your confidence away with their busty tounge. If you want to be confident surround yourself with the people who bring out the best in you.

2. Establish your worth according to Gods value system, not men value system or the World’s:
God demonstrated your importance in two major ways
*He created you in his own image- which means you have creative abilities.
*He sent his son to redeem you. That makes you priceless
Those two unconditional truths should be the enduring basis of your confidence.

3. Quit comparing yourself with others: in my last post, which talks about value and self esteem, brings an intermediate relevance to confidence. Comparism only leaves you goalless and if para venture you achieve those goals, it comes along with problems, and it makes you feel rather inadequate . You are more than equal to the challenge.

Discover your gift, develop it, and use it confidently 🙂

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