So much is at stake If we knew that one decision that we could make, that would be profoundly and positively life transforming, wouldn’t we all make it?Humans as we are, limited by our inability to…





So much is at stake

If we knew that one decision that we could make, that would be profoundly and positively life transforming, wouldn’t we all make it?Humans as we are, limited by our inability to foretell the future with certainty; owe it to ourselves to do so much as is doable despite this innate limitation the “KNOWN UNKNOWNS”.

A great man-Donald Rumsfeld once said “In life there are things we know we know they are KNOWN KNOWNS; and there are things we know we do not know they are KNOWN UNKNOWNS, and there are things we do not know we do not know they are the UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS”.

Although back then his words sounded like mumble jumble, however over time have become revered as wise words that depict the reality humans grapple with on daily basis throughout a lifetime.Since things we think we know, even when we are wrong do not alarm us, and things we are ignorant about are not causes for anxiety; after all ignorance they say is bliss;

I ask then – are we truly limited by things we do not know? Maybe not, after all humans are largely bestowed with the capacity to unravel the Unknown, by seeking to know.

In making monumental decisions however, a lot of courage, cautious planning, innovation, as well as emulating successful decisions of others are needed to take the giant leap of faith into the Unknown; while being mindful that all the facts needed to make any decision will often not be laid before us in whole before we do. Yet we are left with no choice but to make a decision, because our indecision in itself is a decision that will be impactful on the eventual outcome of our lives.

 Given, many factors in life are outside our control…


HOWEVER a few are within our sphere of influence, such as where to study, what course to study, and how studying such courses fit into our career plans. It is no gainsaying that Studying Abroad is an achievable, very rewarding and life transforming decision, perhaps that might be THE ONE right decision you need to make to secure that future you really desire to have; we will never know if you do not try.

The Good news is that, it is not as financially demanding as you might have been made to believe.

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Have you ever been to London? Vibrant city there. International study options? Yeah, worth evaluating.


At Ddot resources and allied limited, we process international recruitment for studies (UK, USA, Canada, china, Australia), as we are British council certified and an international referral agent to the best UK universities.

Like no other we take charge and run your application be it undergraduate or postgraduate programs. Starting from application, to scholarship information, fees, and all the way to obtaining student visas.We have the experience and legacy.

 Why should I Study Abroad?

Globalization is an inevitable phenomenon, regardless of where one tilts on this issue i.e. for or against.

Technology which is fast becoming part of our everyday lives, suggest that increasingly trade, and social interactions transcends national borders and geographical locations.

This trend though comes with its merits and demerits, which has led to more nationalist movement in some western countries for example Brexit in UK, voting in President-Elect Donald Trump in USA to mention but a few. Notwithstanding these movements, no one has argued against globalization in and of itself.Correct me if I am wrong, all I have heard,  is that citizens want their leaders to protect their interest more, and regulate businesses or other organizations developing international influence or starting operations on an international scale in or outside their country; such that their source of livelihood is not taken away; justifiably so!!!

Well rather than stand aloof or argue for or against an unavoidable global trend, one can decide to take advantage of this situation ‘we’ as humans have found ourselves, or better still have imposed on ourselves through our innate desire to roam the world uninhibited, and interact with whoever we choose to, wherever.

What better way can one do this than studying outside the shores of one’s country – STUDYING ABROAD.

Studying is a means to an end, the end from a parochial point of view, being meeting one’s needs and contributing to societal development. For one to achieve this with ease, in our ever shrinking world, thanks to a more integrated world economy; new information and communications technology (ICT); the evolving international knowledge network; the role of the English language, and other forces beyond the control of academic institutions (UNESCO 2009); studying in a foreign country is surely  a valuable experience that will help keep abreast of these occurrences for a life time, as education is more than studying within the four walls of an institution !!! get in touch with us today.

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Time and People

Time flies by fast,
People change with time.
And time changes people.


Days are gone when you wake up in the morning,knock on your neighbours door just to say Good morning and probably have a refreshing breakfast with them.

Time has passed when children act as children in the house.
Now children call the shots.

Time has passed when truth and honor was the way of life. Now lies and evil makes it easier for man and his operations.

Time has pass when people loved to help,Now help is a precious rare Gem.
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Our minds are toyed with its existence.
Our feelings hurt with its intentions.
Our hopes orchestrated with its Penetration.
Our self esteem highlitened with its appearances.
Our world an El Dorado with its promises.

It appears when you least expect it.
It confuses your whole being while you asleep.
It creeps into your conscience with faked love.
It diverts your mind from the thought of life.
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Cold World 2

Too many of us who lament about this rash earth and the problem of handling resentment from those vices that are closest in downing our integrity and pushing us to earthly temptations….do you want to keep struggling to conquer the moist world?! Trust me this world is a sacred place full with evil and deception. Ά mind that thinks for you, a voice that speaks to you, a power that keeps making things better to the best is what we desire..to some power like this comes in dwelling and willingly, or through spiritual utterances.
The world is so cold to me because those in power pull down the masses with their old mental strongholds and take control of the every with their wayward thought, imagination , and impulse..we also battle against ourselves: race, religion, education and this makes us ego-driven. The only recipe for this dish or to deal with this is to warm up the world by having ά dream nobody believes in and holding onto it through the hardest times. it involves handling resentment from those closest to you and keeping a good attitude even though this world makes that quite difficult because of its coldness.
Love is another recipe to warm up , the care and good intention we have for each other can make this absolute world a better play to dwell in.
Take a moment to think about it- bob marley sang “Let’s get together to fight this Armageddon(cold world)
So when the Man comes there will be no doom
Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner.. And grow in love.
Furthermore sometimes it feels like the cold world’s on most people shoulders Everything around them closing in, it’s starts to grow colder. It’s like they’re sitting on death row and waitin’ for conclusion. Rocked real messed up, their brains filled with much confusion,due to the coldness. Some even say “I never asked to be alive,Everyday it’s just a struggle even to survive,Dear please just wipe away the tears.’ll be better off when I’m gone.
In my own private Hell and left all alone…
But that’s not the solution, like I said in the first episode, everything would work out fine You can’t just stay out on your knees the revolution is outside.
You wanna make a difference get out and go and get it!

It definitely gets BETTER•


It was midnight,the crickets were chipping,the bats were playing hide and seek with their prey,the goats in our yard who always made their unpleasant noise were deep in sleep .My parents who retired early to their cubicle they called a room because of their marital ‘rites’ were also snoring loudly,I had known what they were doing any time they went to bed early some months back,mama and papa left the door slightly open on that day and am guessing it was to much excitement,mama was making noises as if she wanted to catch a bird in the air but couldn’t,any ways,I kept the information privy to myself…..my father’s snort was the loudest,mama always teased him that he snorted like a deranged cow and it always seemed to get him annoyed even when she would reply him by saying that she was only teasing him,the way they played and showed their love always seemed to amaze me because they were a bit gone in age,but their show of affection towards each other was still very fresh and real,I always told myself that I would want to become like them someday,even better…but my own man would not be a fisherman like papa,my man would be macho,very tall and handsome who would be living in the town with many ‘big big’ cars and houses in the white man’s country,those were just my childish thoughts,youthful exuberance I would say.
        I had planned my move over and over again in my tiny little head as mama Zikere who plaits my hair every sunday in preparation for school on monday always called,she was not a fine woman per se,but she had a wonderful heart,her husband died of diabetes,it was a blow too much for her to take,I used to think she was not sane as she would sit beside the door to her house and talk to herself non-stop,sometimes for hours,there are times she would become so depressed,she would wail and then my mother would run to her and ask her why she was tormenting herself so bad,and she would ask if she also wanted to die and leave her daughter Zikere all alone in this evil world,zikere was my best friend and we always played together,we laughed,fought and gossip ed together,we were like sisters as we happened to be the only children of either of our parents,I felt bad I did not tell her about my plans because I was afraid that she would dissuade me from going on with it,I wanted a good life,despite the fact that my parents tried their best to provide all for me,it wasn’t easy because papa toiled day and night in the Great Odi River trying to catch fish so mama would set them for sale in her small stall she had in the market,she would roast some for me to eat and tell me to stay at home and play that I did not need to work because I was their jewel,it was while I was growing up that I got to know that my parents were childless for 12years before having me,they went everywhere but were told the same thing ‘the both of you r fine,don’t worry yourselves,the babies would come very soon’,fortunately,mama’s in-laws were far dead so she had no one to make life unbearable for her because of their childlessness. If they ever got to know what I had planned,it would have pained them deeply because they felt they did everything possible to make life comfortable to an extent for me,but due to the insatiable nature of man as Mr fine man who was my history teacher would say,I wanted more,I wanted to see the world,I had a certain longing for adventure and I made up my mind to go all the way and nothing,absolutely nothing was going to stop me.
          Since papa came back to the house slightly drunk,I used the opportunity of telling him to leave the door open that I would lock it after I finished with the goats,I had finished feeding them a while back but this was just a ploy to make him leave the key so I would carry on with my plan,my little strategy worked out because papa left the key and went inside to meet mama,I later got to know that it was their anniversary because I was suprised he was tipsy as he never drank,maybe papa Ebiwari who was his best friend took him to the local beer parlour near Kolokuma junction. As I opened the door,I got nervous,mainly because I did not really think deep of the step I wanted to take,I summoned courage but that squeaky sound the door makes seemed louder this time because it was deafening to my ears in this instance or so I thought,I immediately froze with the hope that the sound would not wake up my parents,it did not as I heard them snore again,I always wondered how they managed to sleep with each other snoring so loud side by side,my heart sank once more how they would feel when they woke up in the morning looking for me when I was gone,I felt bad but determined to go.I had already taken my little ‘ghana must go bag’ to a nearby bush near the express earlier in the day so I would not be noticed in the case of any ugly uprising,this was done with utmost secrecy as I was discreet about it with the plan to say I was sent to drop the bag somewhere by my mother if anyone asks me on the way so that they would not be suspicious of me. Immediately I stepped out of the house,I ran as far as my legs could carry me,anyone who saw me would have been convinced that I was been pursued by ‘nomukimi’ the mad woman or some other evil spirit,but no I was running away from poverty,from my childhood memories,from my heritage,from my identity,I was not a coward,inshort I was far from it,I had no inclining as to what I was going to meet on the outside world,I just wanted to live odi and not to be referred to as a village girl by townspeople that visited during christmas,I ran to were my bag was and when I got there,I sat down waiting for the person I would follow to the city,I knew I wouldn’t stand for long because I was fair skinned,tall and very pretty,a pick-up loaded with plaintain pulled over and I entered,I was glad for that moment that I was beautiful..no wonder my parents gave me the name EBIERE,which means the beautiful woman!.