So much is at stake

If we knew that one decision that we could make, that would be profoundly and positively life transforming, wouldn’t we all make it?Humans as we are, limited by our inability to foretell the future with certainty; owe it to ourselves to do so much as is doable despite this innate limitation the “KNOWN UNKNOWNS”.

A great man-Donald Rumsfeld once said “In life there are things we know we know they are KNOWN KNOWNS; and there are things we know we do not know they are KNOWN UNKNOWNS, and there are things we do not know we do not know they are the UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS”.

Although back then his words sounded like mumble jumble, however over time have become revered as wise words that depict the reality humans grapple with on daily basis throughout a lifetime.Since things we think we know, even when we are wrong do not alarm us, and things we are ignorant about are not causes for anxiety; after all ignorance they say is bliss;

I ask then – are we truly limited by things we do not know? Maybe not, after all humans are largely bestowed with the capacity to unravel the Unknown, by seeking to know.

In making monumental decisions however, a lot of courage, cautious planning, innovation, as well as emulating successful decisions of others are needed to take the giant leap of faith into the Unknown; while being mindful that all the facts needed to make any decision will often not be laid before us in whole before we do. Yet we are left with no choice but to make a decision, because our indecision in itself is a decision that will be impactful on the eventual outcome of our lives.

 Given, many factors in life are outside our control…


HOWEVER a few are within our sphere of influence, such as where to study, what course to study, and how studying such courses fit into our career plans. It is no gainsaying that Studying Abroad is an achievable, very rewarding and life transforming decision, perhaps that might be THE ONE right decision you need to make to secure that future you really desire to have; we will never know if you do not try.

The Good news is that, it is not as financially demanding as you might have been made to believe.

Take the first step today…Contact us.

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