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Have you ever been to London? Vibrant city there. International study options? Yeah, worth evaluating.


At Ddot resources and allied limited, we process international recruitment for studies (UK, USA, Canada, china, Australia), as we are British council certified and an international referral agent to the best UK universities.

Like no other we take charge and run your application be it undergraduate or postgraduate programs. Starting from application, to scholarship information, fees, and all the way to obtaining student visas.We have the experience and legacy.

 Why should I Study Abroad?

Globalization is an inevitable phenomenon, regardless of where one tilts on this issue i.e. for or against.

Technology which is fast becoming part of our everyday lives, suggest that increasingly trade, and social interactions transcends national borders and geographical locations.

This trend though comes with its merits and demerits, which has led to more nationalist movement in some western countries for example Brexit in UK, voting in President-Elect Donald Trump in USA to mention but a few. Notwithstanding these movements, no one has argued against globalization in and of itself.Correct me if I am wrong, all I have heard,  is that citizens want their leaders to protect their interest more, and regulate businesses or other organizations developing international influence or starting operations on an international scale in or outside their country; such that their source of livelihood is not taken away; justifiably so!!!

Well rather than stand aloof or argue for or against an unavoidable global trend, one can decide to take advantage of this situation ‘we’ as humans have found ourselves, or better still have imposed on ourselves through our innate desire to roam the world uninhibited, and interact with whoever we choose to, wherever.

What better way can one do this than studying outside the shores of one’s country – STUDYING ABROAD.

Studying is a means to an end, the end from a parochial point of view, being meeting one’s needs and contributing to societal development. For one to achieve this with ease, in our ever shrinking world, thanks to a more integrated world economy; new information and communications technology (ICT); the evolving international knowledge network; the role of the English language, and other forces beyond the control of academic institutions (UNESCO 2009); studying in a foreign country is surely  a valuable experience that will help keep abreast of these occurrences for a life time, as education is more than studying within the four walls of an institution !!! get in touch with us today.

call : 08103979208 , 08103964409

From D Dot Resources


email : info@ddotng.com



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