Time and People

Time flies by fast,
People change with time.
And time changes people.


Days are gone when you wake up in the morning,knock on your neighbours door just to say Good morning and probably have a refreshing breakfast with them.

Time has passed when children act as children in the house.
Now children call the shots.

Time has passed when truth and honor was the way of life. Now lies and evil makes it easier for man and his operations.

Time has pass when people loved to help,Now help is a precious rare Gem.

Time has passed when kids go to school to learn and educate themselves.
Now some go to learn the wild things of life from others.

Time developed its maneuvering power.
When you are born it gives you a period of growing, doing your own thing, and leaving the world behind.
That time would also come when eventually we would make peace with our maker.

Helplessly, leaving people with no option than to deliberate, chew, and finally swallow how well, or how far your time was spent while you were alive.
Make a good use of your time and be kind to people. You are not salvador

life might not give u a SECOND CHANCE

So goes time and people😶🙋

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