The Den SAGA!!

“Honey, you must finish this food o” mum said to dad jokingly, I smiled and gazed at them lustfully because I was still surprised that their love still stayed with them after 26 years of marriage.
My mum was a beautiful, wonderful business woman, my dad was cute and short though. They lived happily, that was my joy as their son, the first son for that matter, I always prayed for a good family as theirs. We were four children, two boys and two girls; this just made it a perfect family.
Well let’s get down to the focal of this story, that’s me, the First Son, the Tale Teller, I’m Trevor Adabor. Describing myself I would say I’m beyond the word handsome, athletic physique, 6’1 tall, brown eyes, intelligent, I was on the fence spiritually because today I could go spiritual, tomorrow you’ll think I was the devil’s incarnate. Apparently, I was from a wealthy home, had a car of my own (one, some of my friends’ parents can’t dare to have.), had the latest gadgets of our century. I was in the football team of my university. My siblings were so proud of me; I was their role model in the making because I was excellent in everything I engaged in. I just finished my first degree from the Great University of Abuja with a First Class Degree in Mechanical Engineering. What more could a guy want?
Definitely my National Youth Service Corp.(NYSC) was next on my life agenda. I had lived in Abuja all my life, wanted to be close to my lovely family and cruise around town with freedom, so I runsed my NYSC placement to the Abuja metropolis.
I started my NYSC at the third quarter of the year 2010, made a couple of friends during the first week of camp orientation, including the good, the bad and the ugly. The guys I stayed with were boys and men at the same time; they were lively, had yarns and were very current with when it came to global and local news whether politics or entertainment related. The man part of them was that as playful as they were, as their daily theme was YOLO – You Only Live Once, they all had very credible future plans.

As there is nothing with absolute perfection, so was my beautiful life. This strange But, was the absence of a loving girlfriend to put the cherry on my cake. This happened all through my university days. Sad and strange, yeah? Well, this But led to a great mishap that was set to change the course of my destiny. As was bound to happen, I approached and was approached by a lot of ladies, ranging from the beauty without brains, to those with inner beauty to the rich-but-not-too-presentable to even the gold-diggers! I mean, what handsome, brilliant and rich dude gets rejected by a gold-digger?! I had this friend then, who wasn’t even up to my standard by any means, but he had several girlfriends who flocked around him like ant camping at a sugar site and the funny thing was most of them profess true love for him. The girls in my life were either after my money, brains or wanted my handsomeness as a trophy, always telling me about how they like me, but I was tired of the like and friendship zone. I didn’t want to spend on any girl who wasn’t in love with me and vice versa, because I was interested in love, someone to call, take out and the reciprocity would be there but I didn’t find. This was when I came to the realization that sometimes money can’t even find you love not to talk of buying it.
Some nights I would sit on my bed to think if my problem was hereditary, but my parents cleared that without a doubt, other times, I would think I was gay because the last time I had a girl friend that loved me, was way back in Primary Four Class! Imagine! Fine boy like me o. But even my dead body can’t be caught pants down with another dude; I love girls to say the least. My love for them was like the 5&6 relationship, if only they were the right ones. I couldn’t figure what was missing, but the absence of this special person in my life made me focus properly on my education.

I became so bothered I had to open up to one of my pals in camp Prince was what he was called. After telling him my disheartening story, all he could do was burst out with laughter, if he wasn’t supposed to be my solution provider, I probably would have beaten him… I mean, I was discussing a serious matter of life and death and he felt I was telling a joke! Kmft! After turning my ordeal into a “Crack Ur Rib” session, he asked ‘why are you worried? Must you have a girlfriend?!’ he continued ‘why don’t you have a fuck buddy or buddies?’ I replied I don’t want that, I want love, he sighed and said “ok I’ll arrange love for you if that’s what you want … what are friends for?” he said. I was relieved because I trusted his parole and I know what his capabilities are, when it came to women matters. “You the boss” I said, has he left the room.

On a Wednesday evening I received a phone call and the person said ” hello love” I dropped my phone, checked the number properly, was trembling in fear. I haven’t heard that in a while, I continued the call, the lady said my friend Prince gave her my Phone Number, Blackberry Pin and bla, bla, bla.. It was a cool conversation and before i dropped the call, she promised coming to visit me one of these days. The next week she came visiting, we’ve talked over the phone quite a number of times and we were getting to know each other much better; thank God for blackberry. When I eventually saw her in person, she was dope, my kind of lady, tall and elegant with hi-tech fashion sense, quite different from her display pictures on Blackberry Messenger. I stood with my pupils turning into love symbol like that of Tom’s or like Cupid just had a 100% target at my heart. It’s quite funny, right? The problem here was that she was 17 years older than me; she was a cougar looking like a Sweet Sixteen. At first, I wasn’t bothered because I saw her as a good friend and someone to talk to. We went out on various occasions, talked about her previous marriage, presently she’s divorced, we flowed and gisted about a lot of random stuffs. With the way things went smoothly between us, she was ready to sacrifice her time for us despite her busy business schedule. And then, she said it, “I like you” and I was like “OMG! Not this like-zone again!” Surprisingly, I was okay with it. As time went by, our friendship became stronger, I was falling for her, I couldn’t believe myself, I could tell she was in love with me too, She calls me, texts and a lot more, she even got me all sorts on my birthday. Well this was what I was looking for, Love, Affection and Commitment. We were so deep into each other, I could proudly say I knew I was in love, in love with someone old enough to be my aunt, I still didn’t care. I doubt if I could thank Prince well enough, but I knew I owe it to him, for such a great favour. However, this arrangement had to be kept between the both of us, to prevent unnecessary rumours and side talks coupled with friends that might want to go all SU on me. So anytime I was asked who she was, I just say she’s my mummy’s sister and we were running a business package together because she was seen too often with me, I must say.

I and my Sugar-Aunt kept in touch with each other no matter the distance, we displayed our love particularly on BBM. In spite of our outings, we never had sex and never spent the night at each other’s place. To me, it was a good start for us, especially for a platonic relationship like ours. I was so overwhelmed by the love I had for her, that my every thought was clouded by her. I had her on my I-pad as my wallpaper and trust me; I was beginning to lust for her. This was about the fourth month of my service NYSC.

On Fridays, after work, we go clubbing, so we decided to go clubbing as was on our schedule for this particular Friday. Our club for that night was club DEN.
I never knew what this woman was into; I wasn’t concerned that I knew nothing about the sort of business my lover was into, in fact I cared less! All I knew was that she was a well-to-do business woman who lived comfortably and had almost everything at her disposal. Anyways, that was by the way.
So we got to the club, had a few drinks and did lots of dancing, she was a great dancer. She gave me this piercing look that was not hard to notice even though my vision was getting blurry due to too much alcohol in the system, the look was directly into my eyes, like she wanted more of me! There and then, I knew tonight was the NIGHT! We had fun to the fullest, from the twisting and whining. To the caressing and smooching… couldn’t help it. Would say I had loads of fun with her. It was almost certain I was going to pass the night at her crib. I was beginning to dance in a funny manner then she planted a kiss on my lips and said ‘you awesome’, I blushed and said ‘thank you’…

It was 3:00am on Saturday morning, we weren’t tired but we just thought to call it a night (it was the earliest we left a club since we started dating) and headed to her very expensive-looking bungalow. As we drove back to her place, all I could think of was the stunning sex I was going to have, thoughts of different sexual positions I was dying to practice with her were all in my head, I wasn’t a virgin, but it’s been ages! We got home before I could think of the third position, we started undressing ourselves while kissing until we got to the bedroom and then we had highly intensified rounds of Sex! We were like two passionate horses trying to out-do the other. Suddenly her phone rang; she got up quickly like she was expecting the call, went to her bag, answered the call and went to the bathroom. I lay on the bed naked and smiled like a Boss, I had that Jokers kind of smile on, robbing my palms together, waiting for her to be done so we could continue our game, as there was no winner yet. She took longer than expected in the bathroom for a midnight call, I mean, who calls an old woman for that long at this time… except she was a Call Lady, no, I thought to myself, doubt that, she couldn’t be and brushed that off my mind. Out of boredom, I got up to take my phone to check my messages, when I overheard the most shocking four-word phrase of my life… “I CAN’T KILL HIM” she said, “I’ve fallen deeply in love with this one and I won’t sabotage this” she continued… I thought I was dreaming… then she slightly screamed “NO!”, there and then I started thinking normally again, was still listening to the conversation, she continued “if anything happens to him I will deal with you”, which meant, if she doesn’t kill me some else would probably kill me… “OMG!!” I started sweating, regretting and shivering…
Immediately, without thinking whether or not I would be noticed, I started wearing my clothes to take off. As I went out, I eavesdropped one last time, and I heard her say “I’ll look for another guy I’ll make love to, for the rituals…” *Jeeezzz!!* Now, it dawned on me that I was in a big mess; I quietly picked my remaining stuffs, switched off my phone and zoomed out of the house without hesitation. Luckily for me, I parked my car outside her compound so she wouldn’t notice the car’s noise as I left…

As I drove to my house, not my apartment this time but to my family house, it was already morning 6:15am, thank God I runsed my NYSC, if I were to be in another state there would have being no Safe House to run to. In my deep thoughts, I asked myself “did my friend Prince know about this?”, “what was I thinking When I started this?”, “was I jazzed?”, “could she really be in love with me?”. Something within me answered “hell no! I was stupid and impatient!”. Another part of me asked, “who knows what she would possibly do to my manhood now that we had sex!?” I became more scared and burst into tears because I really felt empty; like an important part of me had left. As I got home, everyone was surprised and happy to see me again as it had been long I came here though I was to come see them in two weeks time. As I entered the house, I made a fake smile on my face and said I needed to see My Mama urgently…

In tears, I told Mummy privately because I could confide in her, in shock she burst in tears too and said a few words of prayer for me and we planned my travel to the City of Lagos, and from Lagos to the States to get myself back, put things in order and stay away from my sugar mum to avoid death threats and all the associated scary situations that might follow suit. Mummy had to tell My Dad about it after I had gone because it would have been hell for me, but she couldn’t tell my younger ones because it would break their hearts that I disappointed them. I got rid of that SIM, the phone, changed contact details and blocked her from all my social sites.
Started all over, kept thinking with regret as I couldn’t even finish my NYSC program or get the certificate. I pity my mother because I made her cry and think too much at her old age…You know how mothers get all emotional and soft. I don’t blame her; I’m guilty with my stupid, lustful and irresponsible act. Alas, I had wasted a year in my not-too-long life.
Presently, I’m in the states still trying to figure things out. I curse the night I went to Club Den that has kept my life in a Den of Mystery… with the regret of having an affair with an ostensible cougar! What if she knew my where about, what if she could control me from the reflection of a black water pot mixed with her menstrual blood and my sperm??


48 responses to “The Den SAGA!!

  1. Buhahahahahah I actually enjoyed reading this. But the only issue I had was the numerous spelling errors. Apart from that it was a very cool write-up. Nice Job bruv!!!!

  2. awwwww boo…lovely lovely work – honestly. Quite a number of errors…you gotta take your time to re-read. I’m sure the next one’s gonna be perfect :*

  3. The Lady truely loved him,dts d power of how can go out wit some one u kw is 17yrs older than u…in search of love,ds s ridiculous!!!He shud thank God for His star bcos dt wud av been d end of his life!its possible d friend doesn’t kw abt it who kws,this r lesson 2 guyz stay away from sugar mummies,tho ds guy’s own seem 2 b different bcos he didn’t go after her money.

  4. Its an intriging and a story dt keeps u in suspence 2 make sure u read in order 2 kw wat rili happened at the me its interesting,its a good start!keep it up!

  5. OMG…dis is hilarious mahn….lmao… Fab story randey….but really yea..hw did u thnk of such……hmmmm….I begining to suspect u oo…lol…. Above all….its a really nice story but I thnk d title shld ve bin smthnhg else..(Just saying)…well done luv..

  6. Nyc story….poor trevor, the relationship was too damn sleek for him to fall into….buh dang *17 years*….shudda tot about it carefully

  7. Well Well Well, Nice Write Up Bro . You’re Begining 2 Disappiont Me . Never Knew Sumthn Deep Like Dis Could Come Outta Ur Blockus Head . LOL 😛 . (Y) Still #Respect

  8. Am impressed! Very nyc n long story.. Dis story was ended in such a way it must ve a part 2.. So am anticipating a part 2 ohk! Cool 🙂

  9. This ministry don dey move go another session o.. =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) . Nyc one brov. Really intriguing

  10. Dat was a splendid blog u noe buh yet very emotional 4 me it reminds me of ow much we shuld b careful especially d way we fall in luv we shuld nt let our emotions get d beta of us tis hard especially wen d person has eaten deep into u buh I fink a very careful&sensitive attitude wuld do a lot of gud&4 d guys pls dnt donate ur SPERM 2 all&sundry nt evrytin in skirt z swt&befitin it culd b very dangerous4 d ladies pls b as careful as u can b 2 d world z evil&d heart of man z equally wicked 2

  11. Nice talent u got dear,the story is on point,keep it up,so happy u adding a value to urself ,nice one u got

  12. lmao! (dunno why I’m laughing) Nice storyline bro. Trevor banged the wrong cougar.. not all cougars are bad/evil.. (I think) Hehe *wink*

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