“Please start something” they said!?…fellas still this is a great day for another great inspiration, to start something that could elevate you above your dreams. And when you realise, the sky is not your limit its your starting point… This also gives me a good illustration of a story a friend told me about his uncle.
My friends uncle owns a large estate that contains a lot of houses at lagos – victoria island, back then when he was about to purchase the land in that under-developed area which was covered with bushes his friends and even relatives told him, he had no sense of reasoning; why he would decide to purchase a land and build in the bush, reasons were unknown to them. In spite of those discouraging words, his uncle had a dream which none of them knew about and went ahead, purchased the land and built houses on it.
Today the story is different. We all know what it means to have a house on the island. LOL. He started something! Should they decide to sell the landed properties there, he will become a multi-millionaire on face value. NOTE: anything that will produce great results in the future will suffer from mutual battles| discouragement.
If you have great ideas to start something or have already started and you are getting discouraged then never forget what Willard Marriott wrote ” good timber does not grow with ease, the stronger the wind the stronger the trees”.
Even looking at the world greatest PoP star *Micheal Jackson* in one of his single debut he states it clear that ” you gotta be starting something” no matter what it is to achieve that supreme dream. Your star is wonderful, your pathway may be full of wonderful scars; that’s When I thought and realised that “God does not wish us a smooth journey, but wishes us a safe journey” most of us don’t get it, but you just have to.
don’t let the sanballias, o’reilleys, and schelliengers of this world stiffen your vision. Resist depression/self pity.

This is a new week, go start something and keep going with your dreams! 🙂

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3 responses to “YOUR DREAMS ——-» START SOMETHING!

  1. ┏̲U̶̲̅┓ definately v 2start smfn bh ts gud D̶̲̥̅̊@ ┏̲U̶̲̅┓ knw ur drimz n visions 1st b4 goin ahead 2implement on t…..evrybdy haz a drim bh n@ evrybdy haz a goal cos 2hv a goal minz ┏̲U̶̲̅┓ shud b focusd n knw ur worth………ℓ̊ luv dis word f urs..

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